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UI Engineer

Gunslinger Studios is hiring a UI Engineer to manifest designs into beautiful, useable mobile applications in Unreal Engine 4 (current project is Exiles of Embermark). The ideal candidate will possess exceptional coding, UX, communication and organizational skills and have had the experience of shipping at least one commercial game product. 


  • Proven ability to work with C++ and UMG/Slate (or equivalent UI technologies - specific experience with UE4’s unique use of C++ preferred)
  • Understanding and expertise in memory management
  • Graphics and Visual programming - shaders, 2d animation
  • Must be extremely well organized; repeatedly communicating goals and requirements to all team members on a rolling basis
  • Can turn the experience of previous milestones into improvements in current milestones without being asked to do so, while simultaneously deriving an enormous amount of glee from doing it
  • Has shipped at least one commercial game
  • Team-player who puts the project’s success first


  • Loves and plays games
  • Android experience
  • Shipped multiple commercial products
  • Mobile game development expertise
  • Worked on games-as-service
  • Leadership skills

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